52 Skidoo

'52 Skidoo' are a three piece Harlem Swing Band who have turned back the clock to play a dazzling set of vintage American music.

Classic favourites like "Ain’t Misbehavin", "The Joint is Jumpin" and "Your Feet’s Too Big" are carefully woven into well known hits like "Jeepers Creepers",
"Darktown Strutters Ball" and "I Ain’t Got Nobody" to create an authentic 1920s/30s Harlem party atmosphere.

They bring back to life the forgotten era of prohibition, speakeasy’s, Vaudeville, tin pan alley, rent parties, stride piano and hot jazz.

“Authentic recreations of Fats Waller’s Music” (Neville Dickie, world renowned stride pianist, UK)

“They have mastered the essential ingredients of the music” (Jim Hession, world renowned stride pianist, USA)

“I must say they are very, very good” (Rossano Sportiello, world renowned stride pianist, Italy)

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