Crystal 's voice does the near impossible - it is at once both delicate and powerful. With an angelic lightness reminiscent of Amel Larrieux and a soulful range similar to Minnie Riperton's, Crystal was clearly born to sing.

Blending elements of jazz, R'n'B, pop and soul, Crystal kisses each track with the soft sweet fluidity that laces her voice - as with artists like Whitney Houston, Sam Cooke and Aretha Franklin. With so many artists today relying on flashy lights and back up dancers, it is nothing short of refreshing to hear a vocalist who can stand on the strength of her talent alone. Precise, true, generous, and well connected to her audience, Crystal's voice is incredibly soothing and balanced. It's a wonderful and welcome surprise to find all these elements intact on her first album "Sweet Melodies".

Available as a solo performer or with her superb band for larger events, Crystal has performed in Atlanta at the Apache Cafe, in New York City at such venues as Cafe Wha?, 101 and Club Groove, at Paris' Opus Cafe, Le Cercle Jazz, Le Franc Pinot, Le Triptyque and La Scene Bastille, also at London's The Spot and The Ten Room. Crystal was featured in the WB's Pop Stars, as well as several international music festivals and showcases.

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Key Features

• World class soul vocalist
• Internationally recognised recording artist from USA
• Can appear as a duo, trio or with her full band
• Can perform cover's, original music or a mixture of both

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