Go West

Award winning British band 'Go West' released their debut single "We Close Our Eyes" in 1985. It reached number 4 in the UK charts and became a Top 10 hit in the USA. The success of that first mega-hit was followed by three other Top 10 hits - "Call Me", "Goodbye Girl" and "Don’t Look Down".

Their self titled album 'GO WEST' sold 1.5 million copies worldwide and established the pair as a chart force and as one of the greatest singer-songwriter duos to emerge in the eighties. They became the focus of media attention, gracing covers and making numerous TV appearances.

In 2001/2, they performed on two ‘Here & Now’ Arena tours of the UK and one of Australia, together with other eighties acts - Paul Young, Kim Wilde, Belinda Carlisle and The Human League.

In 2005, 'Go West' celebrated their 20th Anniversary together and performed another sell-out UK tour.

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