Jamie & the first class

Jamie & The First Class have established a well–deserved reputation as one of the most exciting, talented bands around. Their fantastic live shows have earned them many fans and record sales around the globe.

The band is made up of young, yet highly experienced musicians fronted by Jamie Goddard. The band enjoyed a year’s residency at The Hammersmith Palais for SchoolDisco.com and have performed at many prestigious venues all over the world; Old Trafford, Cliveden, Stamford Bridge, The Club ( Abu Dhabi), Goodwood, Grosvenor Hotel (Park Lane), Caerphilly Castle & Telford International Centre.

A sample set for the band includes material by:-

Kaiser Chiefs / Bryan Adams / Madness / Wild Cherry / Amy Winehouse / The Clash / Chesney Hawkes / Wheatus / The Killers / The Proclaimers / Bon Jovi /
Oasis / Guns ‘n Roses

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