Jamsheed Master

Jamsheed Master is a concert pianist and vocalist who is equally at home with all styles and genres of music; from cool jazz and swing numbers from the likes of Harry Connick Junior and Frank Sinatra, current and classic pop and rock songs, classical favourites to hits from the greatest musicals.

With over 10 years experience in hotel & restaurant residencies, Jamsheed will create a bespoke play list from his vast repertoire of over 3,000 songs to offer your guests something really special.

Testimonials from the likes of HRH The Prince of Wales, Prince Joachim of Denmark and Joan Collins highlight his ability and talent. Previous venues and clients include Selfridges, The BBC, Hilton, The Prince’s Trust, The Ritz, Disney Interactive, Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, Harrods, Rolls-Royce, The Ivy, Planit, Virgin Group, Ambassador Theatres, Clinique, members of the royal family and the Houses Of Parliament.

What previous clients say about Jamm..

"Honey, you’re the best thing in here" - Joan Rivers, The Ivy, London.

"I am full of admiration for your considerable and varied talents". HRH The Prince of Wales.

"Thank you for performing on our wedding day. Your playing was sensitive and perfect". Prince Joachim & Princess Alexandra of Denmark, Moegeltoender, Denmark.

"His command of the piano is simply awesome, thrilling at every turn. With his rich, distinctive baritone voice and inventive interpretation, he had the audience rapt from the moment he touched the keys". The Stage.

"His breathtaking performance was testament to what the musical mind is capable of".
The Times.

"His playing was the perfect accompaniment for the Awards Show". The Prince’s Trust.

"A gentleman and a multi-talented performer". Joan Collins, London.

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