Kenny Thomas

Music styles may ebb and flow, but great voices never go out of fashion, which is why we have chosen to to represent one of the best vocalists ever heard in British soul music, Kenny Thomas.

Kenny Thomas is arguably one of the best Soul voices the UK has produced in the last twenty years. From working the underground circuit to hitting the mainstream limelight in the early nineties, hits like 'Thinking About Your Love' and 'Outstanding' captured the imagination of fans across the nation.

Kenny made a huge mark whilst signed to Chrysalis records in the 1990s, releasing two Top 10 albums, 'Voices' and the sequel 'Wait For Me', the Top 10 smash 'Thinking About Your Love', three more Top 20 hits in 'Outstanding', 'Best Of You' and 'Trippin On Your Love'... and four further Top 40 UK singles.
'Voices' became a double platinum sensation that led to Brit Award nominations as both Best British Male Vocalist and Best British Newcomer.

Kenny is available either with his superb band or solo for personal appearances. Whichever format you choose, Kenny Thomas is the ultimate soul performer and won't let your audience down.

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