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ABC’s Martin Fry is a revelation, a soul man supreme, belting out pristine Las Vegas glitter, Pop, and uptown House in his electric blue lounge suit. An ageless performer, Fry is the missing link between Bryan Ferry and Jarvis Cocker. For the inevitable encore of "The Look of Love", he returns, dipped in sparkly gold lame - a self-ironising pop genius on top form.

'ABC' were one of those groups who come along once a decade to effect a paradigm shift in the way music is heard and made, one of those groups who move the music forward, alerting us to the possibilities of strange combinations, employing radical ideas, yet never confusing arrogance with ambition.
They ‘kick-started’ the eighties with their own brand of pop for the ‘new decade’.

Fusing dance floor finesse with a post-punk attitude, they released their first single, "Tears Are Not Enough", in the autumn of 1981. More hits followed in rapid succession: "Poison Arrow", "The Look Of Love" and "All Of My Heart".
On it’s release in May, 1982, their debut album ‘The Lexicon of Love’ crashed straight into the album charts at number one.

The band continued touring...and in 2001 joined Robbie Williams to open the show on his European Tour! The choice of ABC was entirely Robbie’s; he recognised the perfect mixture of ecstasy and sorrow, club usability and pop accessibility, Martin Fry’s combination of sly northern wit and subversive intelligence, pop flamboyance and rock swagger, gold lame and lyrics that deal with treachery and regret...

In March 2004, ABC’s DVD ‘Absolutely Classic Cuts’ went to number 1 in the DVD Charts.

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