Salsa Con Soul

Alex Wilson is one of the UK's foremost latin-jazz recording artists. He has travelled to 45 different countries to perform music in a multitude of projects.
As a composer, his track record includes commissions ranging from performing at the Royal Opera House to producing music for film and TV.

Alex leads his band with a fresh brand of salsa which includes soul-salsa hit 'Show me' and Salsa dura track 'Inglaterra'. With album and "Live in Concert" DVD releases later in 2006, this band is going places and has already sold out shows around the country and wowed the UK Salsa Congress two years running.

Alex's professional career as a pianist has seen performances with Courtney Pine, Jazz Jamaica, Sandra Cross, Adalberto Santiago and Jocelyn Brown. He now has five solo albums out in a latin jazz and salsa vein and continues a diverse career which currently includes a commission from the Royal Opera House, composing for theatre productions, producing latin hip hop & running his 12-piece salsa band.

Alex has also taken his group to Cuba, Colombia, Netherlands, France, Germany, Thailand and a whole host of countries.

Expect a high energy powershow and dancing from start to finish.

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Key Features

• Premier Latin band fronted by one of the UK's foremost latin-jazz recording artists.
• ‘Sell out’ show featuring dancing from start to finish
• Combines salsa music with Latin Hip Hop
• Available with World Champion Salsa dancers

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