Sasha Jacques

Sasha is soprano singer with an extensive range and strong belt, with the ability to adapt to many musical styles, including jazz, blues, pop, rock, R & B, classical, folk and musical theatre.

Sasha has a unique voice and performs with sophistication. She is a powerful vocalist, who can also work the subtleties of her voice impeccably. Sasha has an extensive repertoire of music that spans many genres and eras, up to present day, which is constantly updated.

Sasha has sung classical and modern works in London, Belgium and Spain, at venues such as Southwark Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Royal Albert Hall and Barcelona Cathedral. She has sung as a soloist and with other singers in close harmony groups, and other musicians, on stage and at venues throughout the UK and Europe, visiting France, Spain, Belgium, Cyprus and Germany.

Sasha has great stage presence and has performed as a principal vocalist and dancer at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London’s West End and as a Principal/Lead singer for Thomson and Kanika Hotels in Cyprus. Sasha has also performed as singer with pop band ‘The Beat’ and rock and blues band ‘Feedback’. She has worked as vocalist and pianist for functions, weddings and events in the UK and Europe and performs with passion and energy.

Sasha can accompany her singing on piano, with other musicians or with excellent quality backing tracks. She also plays guitar, harmonica and basic drums. Whether you are looking for a stage or concert performer, lounge singer and pianist or a late night diva, Sasha can cater for your needs.

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