SO Blondie

'SO Blondie' were formed in 1999, after Helen York won critical acclaim for her portrayal of Debbie Harry in a successful national UK tour of 'Thank You For The Music'.

"Helen York gave the best performance of the opening night, wowing the crowd with her powerful and outstanding impression of Blondie". (Theatre Royal, Brighton)

Helen's electrifying performance of Debbie Harry is further enhanced by the live band of high energy musicians who perfectly recreate the seminal sound of Blondie. This Punk/Funk/Rap/Rock fusion will take you on a glorious journey of musical nostalgia.

Relive the past with all the very best that is Blondie; Anthems like 'Union City Blue', 'One Way Or Another' and 'Atomic', through the disco classics 'Rapture' and 'Heart Of Glass', to the floor filling 'Tide Is High' and 'Maria'!
'SO Blondie' takes you through hit after hit!

Originally known as 'Bleach', 'SO Blondie' have carved a reputation as one of the country's finest tribute bands. They have played at many prestigious venues, festivals and events across the globe and can regularly be seen at London-tribute favourite 'The Venue'.

If you want the best, then look no further. 'SO Blondie' has got to be the ultimate tribute to Blondie that the UK has EVER offered!

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