Soul Funk Secret

Described as “Entertaining, interesting, experienced performers who have put together one of the most exciting musical projects on today’s live music scene”, Soul Funk Secret deliver the best Soul, Funk & Disco music for a full-on party experience.

This band can turn any party, special occasion or regular club residency night into an unforgettable experience. As a band their enthusiasm, mixed with their skilled musicianship, ensures their shows are always well-coordinated, exciting sets of Soul, Funk and Disco with an interesting and infections blend of Latin grooves and unapologetic solos added for good measure. Of course the dance floors are always full!

The band’s repertoire includes music from :-

Al Green / Amy Winehouse / Black Crowes / Blues Brothers Band / Bill Withers / Chic / Commitments / Curtis Mayfield / Earth Wind & Fire / Frank Sinatra / James Brown / Jackson Five / Kool and the Gang / Marvin Gaye / Ray Charles / Rose Royce / Santana / Sister Sledge / Stevie Wonder / Temptations / Chaka Khan / Brand New Heavies / Aretha Franklin / Katy Perry / Donna Summer / Eva Cassidy / Kyle Minouge / Cristina Aguilera / Joss Stone / Beyonce / Roisen Murphy / Estelle / Mojo / Queen

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Key Features

As a collective their performances have seen them playing across the UK, Austria, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, France and the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival. The individual band members are all highly professional with many years of live performance experience. As session musicians and vocalists they worked on various live shows and recording sessions for: George Michael, Michael Ball, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Beyonce, Sony, Universal, BBC, ITV, Xfactor and Britain’s Got Talent to name but a few.

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