'Zoots' are a fantastic entertaining act performing a wide range of music from the last sixty years.

'Zoots' are best known for their touring 60s show, which takes you on a journey back to the most exciting musical time in history. Performing hits songs from The Beatles, The Searchers, The Kinks, The Monkees & The Who - with smashes from solo artists Andy Williams, Van Morrison, Neil Diamond & Elvis, all feature in the memorable show.

'ZOOTS' have captured the essence of the sixties with authentic costumes, vintage equipment and a fully live show. They have recreated the sound & look associated with many acts during the era, with the same youthfulness & energy.

The 'ZOOTS' show has been specially tailored to suit all age groups, performing songs that are still relevant today. They encourage and provoke audience participation, dancing & singing throughout the entire show.

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