Our Clients

Music for the media

As international providers of high quality entertainment and media solutions, our clients range from large multinational groups such as Intercontinental Hotel Group, Intel and Bloomberg, through to independent media organisations, ‘L'Équipe’, Paris based ‘3W’ productions and Asia’s premier talent & media channel ‘Citizen TV.

With music and media industry careers spanning some 20 years, our associates have worked on numerous projects for many high profile people & organisations. The following represents a small selection:

  1. SMYLE events UK
  2. Aston Villa Football Club
  3. Intercontinental Hotel Group
  4. Citizen TV
  5. L'Équipe
  6. Dunhill International
  7. Intel
  8. Mn2S
  9. Bloomberg
  10. H.E. Amr Al Dabbagh (KSA)
  11. Pinewood Film Studios
  12. Convivia Event Management
  13. Kempinksi Hotels
  14. HM British Embassy (KSA)
  15. US Embassy (KSA)
  16. Anantara Hotels
  17. Regis Hotels
  18. Crowne Plaza Hotels