We are delighted to welcome Grammy-award-winning Saxophonist Tim Garland

We are pleased to announce the addition of Grammy-winning saxophonist Tim Garland to the FAM roster.

Tim joined Chick Corea as a regular member of several globe-trotting projects over a seventeen-year span, won a Grammy for his symphonic orchestrations on Corea's "The New Crystal Silence" album, and as a band leader and co-leader, is responsible for much of the output of the following groups: Lammas, The Underground Orchestra, Storms / Nocturnes (feat. Joe Locke and Geoffrey Keezer), Acoustic Triangle, the last few years of Bill Bruford’s Earthworks, and Lighthouse, (feat; Gwilym Simcock and Asaf Sirkis).

2024 sees the 20th anniversary of his Lighthouse project, with the trio planning a European tour to commemorate it and the launch of a spectacular symphonic album of their works on Ubuntu Music.
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