Our professional tour managers have been working in the industry since 2000, and firmly believe the success of a tour and any one-off shows can depend on the quality of their management. They also believe an experienced tour manager can foresee problems during the planning phase, make the necessary changes, and brief those involved to make sure things always run smoothly.

- Our tour managers prioritise the following aspects when guiding your tour:

- Detailed communication with venues, technicians, promoters, caterers and the press.

- Detailed planning of logistics (rental cars, vans, nightliners, flights, hotels, local transport).

- Accurate expense calculations and invoicing for the tour to prevent surprises on site.

During the tour, our tour managers continue to act as a liaison between the artist, crew, artist management, record company, promoters, and press. Optimally coordinating all these parties ensures that everyone's interests align with the artist's needs and the production requirements.

Experience has shown them that it is necessary to have an overview of all the details at any given time. Through good communication skills, peripheral vision, empathy, knowledge of human nature, and a great deal of experience, it is possible to solve many issues before they become problems.

We look forward to working with you soon.

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